February Adventure Date

I’m not going to lie, February has been pretty crazy at our house. I can count on one hand the number of evenings I have spent in the same place as my husband. The number of evenings where all 4 of us have been together is even less. So, when we finally found an evening to both go with Charlotte to her play rehearsal, I knew we had to make it our adventure date, too. Luckily, Newark has Buckeye Winery with wine tastings until 9 pm on Friday nights. Score!

We got a table and each chose 4 regular wines and a dessert wine to try. We also got the cheese plate with sausage because we wanted something to cleanse our palates in between wines.

Keith chose the Harvest Moon (Luna Rosa), Moonrise (Luna Bianca), Buckeye White (Reisling), and Nature’s Wonder (Kiwi-Pear) and then he chose the Buckeye Ice (Reisling Ice Wine). I chose the Trio (Cabernet Sauv Merlot), Bourgeron Rouge (Sweet Red), Farmer’s Daughter, and Afternoon Delight (Peach Apricot) along with the Red Ice (Cabernet Franc Ice Wine). We were really excited to do a tasting and pick out a couple new wines.

We took our time and enjoyed trying our own selections and sharing with each other. In the end, we thought the fruity wines tasted a bit watered down, the Reisling and Cabernet Sauv Merlot were more dry than we wanted, and the Reisling Ice Wine was too thick and sweet – not like other ice wines we have had. The Sweet Red, Luna Bianca, and Farmer’s Daughter were all good, but we really enjoyed the Luna Rosa and the Cabernet Franc Ice Wine. In fact, we brought them both home with us.

Our picks – Red Ice and Harvest Moon

We enjoyed this experience and will probably do more tastings in the future. It was not a super big adventure, but it fit our schedule and was in a convenient location. Can’t wait to see who we share these with – let us know if you want in on that. πŸ™‚

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