March Adventure Date

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Keith’s job was really in flux for a few months starting last September. We were supposed to have a weekend in New York at that point, but we decided to wait until things were more settled to plan a getaway. In December, things were even more uncertain, so I felt that it was fine to agree to be Stage Manager for a show that had tech week over Spring Break because we would not be traveling. Things with the job stabilized in January, so Keith and I decided to plan a getaway for the one night this week that the show was dark. So, he took the kids to his parents for a couple nights and we were able to check out the town of Granville, Ohio for about 24 hours. We had passed Granville on the way to Newark for Charlotte’s rehearsals and shows this winter, but we had not ventured into Granville until Wednesday afternoon. We instantly loved the feel and size of this beautiful little town!

Our first stop was lunch at The Buxton Inn. Originally called The Tavern, The Buxton Inn has been continuously operating in the same spot since 1812. Although there are many ghost stories about the Inn, no ghosts joined us for lunch. We did enjoy the atmosphere of the dining room and the food was delicious. They let us look around a bit after lunch and we definitely plan to stay overnight sometime. We also saw they sometimes have haunted tours, so that is on our list as a future adventure!

After lunch, it was time to check in to our accommodations at The Granville Inn. We decided not to spring for a suite since our stay was only one night, so we reserved a regular room with a king sized bed. The room was nicely furnished and mostly adequate for our needs. I would probably give the room 3/5 for comfort and value. (Some of that rating is personal preference – the mattress was very firm which we do not prefer. Some just seemed to be part of the age of the Inn – the shower head was in need of an update as it felt you needed to keep moving in order to get completely wet and the door could also use some soundproofing as it did get very loud in the hallway in the morning.) We would definitely try a suite next time to see if we liked that more. I’m sure each room is different, so this is definitely not a comprehensive review of the guest rooms.

After we were all checked in, we decided to check out Alligator Mound. It was interesting to drive to the mound through a very affluent neighborhood built on some pretty steep slopes. Alligator mound itself was interesting to see, but difficult to photograph unless you have a way to see it from the air. We were happy to read some history, enjoy some views, and then head back down the hill.

Our next stop was Black Hand Gorge State Nature Preserve. Technically not in Granville, but definitely closer to Granville than Gahanna, this Nature Preserve is a gorgeous place for a walk. We especially enjoyed the warm temperatures and the sunshine!! I surprised Keith with a DSLR Nikon camera this week, so he was happy to have a chance to play with it a little bit. Because it was a bit muddy, we stayed on the paved trail. It was wonderful to hear the frogs chirping and the river flowing. We would like to come back to this trail in the fall when the leaves change. I was especially excited to see some little waterfalls as we walked. I’m always chasing waterfalls. πŸ™‚

After hiking 3 miles, we were definitely ready to check out The Oak Room at The Granville Inn. We got a $50 voucher as part of our room package, so we knew we were going to enjoy a really nice meal. We started with wine and sushi and then Keith had the salmon and Autumn enjoyed the filet. We even sprang for dessert at the end. We highly recommend the experience! The food was so good and our waitress had so many stories and so much history to share. She has worked there for 31 years! She even told us some ghost stories that happened in the basement…

On Thursday morning, we slept in and then checked out of the Inn. We decided to check out the local diner, Aladdin Fine Food. It was pretty standard diner fare, but Keith enjoyed his french toast and I always love to have a Monte Crista sandwich. The atmosphere and prices were definitely great – we would love to go back for lunch sometime. We also checked out Gouma’s Candy and Weathervane Popcorn and got some yummy souvenirs to take home and share.

We had time left before we had to be home to get the kids, so we decided to check out the National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, just about a block away from the theater that was our second home this winter. Dedicated the glass made by A.H. Heisey & Company between 1896 and 1957, the museum was an unexpected gem. We learned a lot about the company and how they adapted through the years. I am pretty sure I have seen the diamond H symbol on something in our china cabinet, so I look forward to hunting for our Heisey treasures sometime soon. I really like the Sahara colored glass and Keith was a fan of the Dawn color. Who knows, maybe we have a new hobby. πŸ˜‰

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our little get away! It was nice to be close to home but also have so many new things to discover. Have you ever been to Granville? What is your favorite thing to do there? We would love suggestions for the next time we visit!

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