April Create Date

I’m not going to lie, this month’s Create Date was hard! And not just the pottery part. You guys, we had so. many. plans. fall. through. this. month. Originally, we were signed up to do a class at the Ohio Herb Center that would let us make beard oil and some skin care things for Keith. It sounded so cool, but apparently they had low enrollment, so it was canceled. Then, we tried a Bonsai event at Franklin Park Conservatory, but it turned out to be less a class and more a club meeting. Bummer! We were going to get up and do an open workshop for My Very Own Blanket, an organization that gives blankets to kids in foster care situations, but it ended up not fitting with everything else we needed to do that day. We tried to go paint pottery, but they didn’t really have the things we were interested in painting in stock and one of us was more comfortable with painting than the other, so it wasn’t a good fit. There was a class we could do over the weekend, but Keith would have been distracted by his upcoming call-back for a play he was auditioning for, so we decided to wait. So, it really all came down to Try It Tuesday at Bareclay studio on April 30th. Talking about squeezing it in at the last minute!

We arrived at Bareclay, and after a brief explanation from our instructor, Sophia, we were set loose with our pottery wheels. This is not easy folks! It is super difficult and I really, really struggled to make a piece that I even wanted to have them fire and glaze. I think a little more instruction might have helped, but it may be that I am just not a potter. We will be giving it another go in June thanks to the owner of the studio taking pity on me, so I will let you all know.

It was not my favorite create date, but I am really glad we tried it. I can’t wait to see if our pieces turn out well. I will add finished photos in a couple weeks when we get our pieces back.

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