May Create Date

It’s May – but I prefer to refer to it as May-hem! So much going on all month long! I knew that if we were going to get our dates in, we were going to have to be really organized about it. So, we actually did our create date a couple of weeks ago. I am just now able to take a minute to write about it. Because, May-hem. But I digress…

This month, there was a Mother’s Day Potting Party at Mulch 1st Landscape Supplies in Johnstown. I have wanted a couple of planters for our front landscaping for a few years now, so I jumped at the chance to have a create date and get planters! I love it when I can kill two birds with one stone. So very convenient!

We were given two planters and we got to pick out 6 plants each. The front of our house gets a lot of direct sun, so we had to stick with full-sun varieties. I believe my planter will eventually be purples and whites, while Keith has some red, white, and purple. I love how they look in front of our garage! They will definitely be our create date products that are most seen. Perfect for Mother’s Day month! I would definitely go back to Mulch 1st for other potting parties – they made it a really nice experience!

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