May Adventure Date

Keith’s birthday was this month, but since I had already gotten him a camera in March, I got him a gift for us. I got us both tickets for three adventures from We were able to do our first hunt on Sunday after the guys got home from rehearsal. We chose the Discovering Columbus tour because it was in a familiar place and it was marked as skill level mild. We figured starting out easy would be the best idea…

We installed the required app on Keith’s phone (Let’s Roam) and headed down to Bicentennial Park. We ended up getting a free meter on the other side of the river – thanks Sunday! We walked to the marked beginning of the hunt and then realized that I would also need the app on my phone. After some frustration about the cell signal, the app was installed and we were ready to go. We chose Adventure Create Relate as our team name and then took our team photo.

I will not ruin the adventure for anyone planning to try it, but I will give an overview. We ended up doing about 1.5 miles of walking while doing the activities. We learned new things about familiar landmarks. We did not think there was enough time allowed for some of the tasks, but overall we had a great time! It was fun as a date activity, but it would also be fun in a larger group. It would be a great way to learn more about the history of Columbus. Here are a few photos we took as part of the activities – sorry some are blurry, my phone was fogged up from the humidity.

We also took a few shots of fun sculptures and scenes around downtown while we were walking from place to place.

After all the walking, we were definitely ready to eat! We have been wanting to try Fukuryu Ramen on Lane Avenue for a while after seeing some posts from friends on Facebook. So, we headed to Upper Arlington to give it a whirl. We were not disappointed! I had the Shio Ramen and Keith had the Junk Ramen. We both really enjoyed our ramen and also their iced green tea. It was so refreshing – the perfect compliment to the food. We will definitely be back!

Overall, this date was just what we needed. This is a really stressful month and we needed to reconnect and remember we are a pretty awesome team. Can’t wait to see what June holds!

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