April Create Date Do-over Update

As you may recall, our April Create Date was a frustrating and unsuccessful pottery night. Because of the generosity of the owner of Bareclay Studio, we were able to give it another shot at the end of June.

Keith ended up coming but not working for very long because he wasn’t feeling very well. He still sat with me while I worked even though he could have driven himself home as we had driven separately. I made the interesting discovery that I throw pottery left-handed. I chose the wheel next to Keith, and after I was finished with my first piece, the instructor made some comment about me being left handed. I told her that was not the case, but I am ambidextrous at some tasks. I was able to pretty quickly get two pieces that we liked ready to be glazed and fired in the kiln.

I patiently waited about a month to email and make sure that our bowls were ready to be picked up. I got to pick them up this week, and you guys, I am so glad we revisited this create date! I love how these bowls turned out – they fit right in on our Create mantel display! I am so glad I accidentally found out that I throw pottery left-handed – we may want to try this again sometime! Thank you so much to Bareclay Studio for giving us the second chance to make something we love.

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