January 2020 Create Date

When I saw that a new bar with a project menu was opening in Franklinton, I knew we had to go. In an amazing twist of events, their opening night ended up being perfect for our schedule. We previewed their drinks and their projects on their website and arrived ready to enjoy a couple of hours of creating.

When we arrived, we chose a table, ordered our drinks (a drink called The Iron Mallet – their take on an old fashioned), and then headed over to the project wall to choose what to make. There are so many options that we had a difficult time choosing, but their menu gives a difficulty level and time estimation for each project, so that was really helpful. In the end, I chose to make a cup koozie for my reusable Starbucks cups, and Keith chose to make cement planters that we will use to hold forks and spoons for Madeline’s graduation this May.

Keith’s project arrived at our table in first – because it was opening night for them, they had a few little bumps including having to print the directions for my project because they couldn’t find them. None of the bumps were severe or really impacted our fun, so it was totally fine. I am sure they will get everything ironed out really quickly. Keith had to mix and pour the concrete into the silicone molds and then he had some time to just hang out and enjoy while it set. After that, he added tiny stripes of Madeline’s high school colors to the rims and the planters were finished. I think they are going to be perfect for the party and beyond!

My project came out and had a lot more steps, but no real downtime. I had to cut the leather to shape, stamp the letters, stain it, punch holes, paint the letters, lace the sides, and put waterproofing on it. None of the steps took a long time, though, so it was nice to have something to do most of the time. I love how it turned out so much – I will be using it this afternoon, as a matter of fact.

In the end, we spent about 1.5 hours on our projects and we are super pleased with how everything turned out. Here are some finished photos:

Would we recommend Makers Social to others – absolutely! Please be aware that their signature drinks are $10 each, but they do have other beverages in a cooler that are less expensive. The table next to us was a couple working on one project together, so I don’t think they care how many projects each table works on. The projects started at about $28 and went up to about $45. Ours were both $35 which seemed fair for all of the materials they had for us to use. They do have free popcorn, and I believe they let you bring in or order in food. So, I think it can be an affordable date night for couples or larger groups. We will definitely be back!

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