44 for 44

Today is my 44th birthday. I have been excited about turning 44 for years – I know that is strange, but it’s true. I really love the number four, so turning 40 was amazing. So, it logically follows that 44 will be my favorite age yet. I am a fan of lists and goals (big surprise, I know), so I sat down this weekend and made a list of 44 things I want to do as a 44 year old. Realistically, this list will probably take more than a year, but I really do think I can accomplish all of this in the not-too-distant future. So, without further ado, here is my list. ❤️

1. Zip lining

2. Travel somewhere new

3. Wood sign for front room

4. Salt cave

5. Float therapy

6. Massage

7. New tattoo

8. Donut trail

9. Stay in a unique hotel

10. Ohio Renaissance Festival

11. See a movie by myself

12. Snow tubing

13. Trip to the U.P.

14. Re-imagine the garden

15. Revisit all Columbus Metroparks

16. Visit 4 new-to-me state parks

17. Try a new fair food

18. Family movie night on the deck

19. Game night with friends

20. Host a drink and learn party

21. Make a king cake

22. Join a CSA or Misfits Market

23. Marie Kondo our closet and dressers

24. Take a photography class

25. Visit National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

26. See Serpent Mound

27. Wood photo collage

28. Park both cars in garage

29. Day at Lake Michigan

30. Make peanut butter fudge

31. Take a hand lettering class

32. Teach a kid to drive

33. Photo wall in front room

34. Have a garage sale

35. Finish 2 quilts

36. Upcycle an outfit

37. Write a poem

38. Be a surprise blessing

39. Learn to play my ukulele

40. Eat at Schmidt’s

41. Take a train ride

42. Ohio State Reformatory

43. Take a Haunted Tour

44. Read a new series of books

I plan to write about each on the blog as I do them – some may be adventure or create dates, but others will just be part of #44for44. If you see something on the list you would like to do with me, let me know in the comments! Are there things you think I should add? I plan to keep aging, so a longer list is only a year away… 😂

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