June 2022 Goals

We are finally into June – thank goodness! May was a pretty rough month for our family – nothing catastrophic, but it was emotionally and physically draining and I am not sad to see it go. I am starting to have more energy and feel motivated to actually work on my goals. This is good – I still only hit about 50% of my goals for May, so I am really looking forward to crushing some goals in June. Here is a recap of my May goals:

  • Add 10 products to my TpT store – I hit this one – there are currently 60 products in my store and I had the most sales and the most profit ever in May (5 sales, $4.50 profit, so enough for a Starbucks drink, lol).
  • Write 1 flex class and 1 escape room style class for Outschool – I wrote a new flex class based on a class I have always wanted to teach, but never gotten enrollments for. Check it out here. Still haven’t created the escape room class, though.
  • Make 5 blog posts, 15 Instagram posts, 15 Facebook posts, and 20 Pinterest pins – I did not hit this, but I did make 3 blog posts, 9 Instagram posts, 8 Facebook posts, and still no pins.
  • Update Play-Doh listings on TpT to reflect copyright laws – I did not work on this due to fatigue.
  • An Adventure Date, Create Date, and Family Game Night – We did an adventure date and a create date. The rest of the month was too crazy for a Family Game Night.
  • Pay quarterly estimates – We did this. Ugh.
  • Reserve tours and tickets for while we are in Seattle in July – I have reserved the 2 biggest ticket tours. We still have a few more to do, but I need to talk to Maddie and her friend about them.
  • Make dinner at home 12 times – I believe we hit 9 times. We had potlucks and banquets I did not take into account.
  • Walk 4 times (energy depending) – My energy and cough did not allow this – although we did go on a little unexpected walk over the weekend. I’m going to count that as 1.
  • Hike 2 times (energy depending) – Between my COVID cough and my allergies, nature is pretty much trying to kill me right now.

I have some lovely time off scheduled for June – I am looking very forward to getting some things that have nothing to do with my businesses done. I seriously need to organize a few rooms and start decluttering our house in preparation for a graduation party at our house next year. I do not want it to be a stash and dash situation leading up to the party, and I would like to be able to use all of our spaces to celebrate. So, taking that and my slowly increasing energy and impending free time into account, here is my list of goals for June:

  • Add 20 products to my TpT store.
  • Write a second insect flex class and a second sewing flex class.
  • Make 5 blog posts, 25 Instagram posts, 25 Facebook posts, and 40 Pinterest pins.
  • Update Play-Doh listings for TpT to follow copyright guidelines.
  • An Adventure Date, Create Date, and 2 Family Game Nights.
  • Organize cabinets and shelves in my office, including clearing craft supplies from front room.
  • Reserve the rest of our Seattle tours and tickets.
  • Make dinner at home at least 16 times.
  • Walk 12 times (cough and energy dependent).
  • Hike 6 times (cough and energy dependent).

I am really looking forward to some planning and organizing time the next few days. Keith and I are also getting away overnight later this month – we are very excited to spend some time away just us. I am very hopeful that we will get to hike to some waterfalls and enjoy some great food – we shall see.

What are your goals for the month of June? Will you have any time off? What do you like to do when you are away from work for a few days? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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