August 2022 Goals

I can’t believe it is the 9th of August – and I am just now getting around to reflecting on how July went and setting my intentions for August. July was a rough month. We had some great joys – we were involved with an awesome production of Guys and Dolls and we got to go on a wonderful family vacation. We also had some great sorrows – a good friend passed away in his sleep during fair week and two members of our family had brought back COVID as a souvenir. This roller coaster of events caused a lack of focus and a shift in some priorities, so I am ready to see where we stand and move on. So, my goals for July were:

  • Add 10 TpT products to my store – didn’t meet this – I did add 3 new bundles, though.
  • Write a Sticker Collectors Club class for Outschool – this was also not completed and will move to August’s list.
  • Make 4 blog posts, 25 Instagram and Facebook posts, and 31 Pinterest pins – because of how the month went, I ended up with only 1 blog post in July. When I finish all of the Adventure and Create posts for the month, though, I will have 7 more posts about July activities. I had 5 Instagram posts, 4 Facebook posts, and 33 Pinterest Pins. I’m going to give myself a 50% on this one.
  • Set my Fall schedule for Outschool – I did this, but now I have a few ideas and I’m going to be changing things up this week.
  • An Adventure Date, Create Date, and 2 Family Game Nights – We did 6 adventures this month and have created something really cool. We are just not hitting the family games nights like I thought we would.
  • Finish organizing my classroom and our front room I got a lot done on this one – we are at about 75% done.
  • Have a Free Yard Sale with everything we need to give away from organizing efforts – I did this! We got rid of a bunch of stuff!
  • Make dinner at home 12 times (this is a stretch with tech week, fair, and vacation all falling this month) – this definitely didn’t happen. I would say I made dinner maybe 5 times.
  • Walk/work out 15 times (I am starting a new health program this month, and I am hopeful) – I definitely hit 15 walks. The new health program was one of the things I have had to let go for now due to the lack of focus I am experiencing.
  • Hike 8 times (we have a few tours and hikes planned in Seattle, so this should be okay) – I hit 7 hikes – I think I would have made it to 8 if COVID had not struck.

Looking at this list, I give myself 6.5/10 which is over not bad! I really thought it was going to be much worse, so this gives me a lot of excitement and inspiration for next month. Imagine how much I can accomplish if I can just get myself focused again!

This month has an anniversary Disney trip and I am working through a new FLEX course with all the videos and content creation, so I’m going to keep my goals pretty simple. This is what I would like to accomplish:

  • Add 20 TpT products to my store.
  • Write a sticker club class for Outschool.
  • Write a series of Public Speaking classes for Outschool that covers ages 3-18.
  • Write a series of craft classes – live and flex.
  • Set my fall schedule on Outschool.
  • Finish organizing my classroom and the front room.
  • Make 10 blog posts, 20 Instagram posts/reels, 20 Facebook posts/reels, and 31 Pinterest pins.
  • Make dinner at home 15 times.
  • Hike 8 times (we are headed to Disney for 3 days, so I know I can hit this if I count each day as a hike).
  • Do 6 strength training workouts to start building some muscles.

I am really excited to finally feel inspired for new classes on Outschool. I love my current classes, but I miss the feeling of teaching something new for the first time. I can’t wait to see how my fall schedule plays out. I am also really excited to post some reels this month – I have some great ideas for what to create.

What are your goals for August? Do you have anything exciting happening this month? Let me know in the comments! 🙂