July Adventure Date

July was so busy and filled with lots of adventures, but none that I could call a date. So, in the last few hours of the month, Keith and I stole away to check out the Chihuly: Celebrating Nature exhibition at The Franklin Park Conservatory (FPC). It was a bit rushed because Charlotte was at dance class and texted us just after we arrived to say that she wasn’t feeling well. We looked at traffic and decided that we would stay and wait for it to ease a bit. We left Charlotte with instructions to drink water and rest and we explored until traffic was clear.

We have loved the Chihuly glass since it first arrived at FPC years ago. If this year of trying so many types of art has taught us anything, it is a new appreciation for people that are skilled at a particular artform. It is truly amazing that Chihuly is able to get glass to take so many forms and figures. Looking at his work through the lens of our experience trying to work with glass in March, it was even more awe-inspiring than ever.

We started in the butterfly exhibit, home of some of my favorite Chihuly work. It was interesting to see some of it literally turned upside down, and it was wonderful to see the balls floating in the water again. That has been and will always be my favorite – there is something so serene about it. I could sit and look for hours. I also adore butterflies, so it is definitely a happy place for me. 🙂

They had the lower entrance to the butterfly exhibit closed, so we had to loop around past the entrance to the Himilayan mountains exhibit. We followed that side of the FPC around, exploring both outside areas and then ended by going upstairs to the Palm House. We felt the time crunch of needing to get Charlotte, so we did not linger too long in any one place, but we definitely enjoyed seeing all the glass art. We were especially happy to see so much red and yellow – our wedding colors! We got some questioning looks when we chose them, but we think they really do look amazing together.

Our membership to FPC will be up the end of August, but I am sure we will sneak back to take the kids for this exhibition. It is truly a beautiful and amazing thing to see. Highly recommended! If you have been, what is your favorite installation? Let us know in the comments!