January Create Date

The weather really tried to mess things up, but Keith and I got to go on our first Create Date today! We decided to go to The Candle Lab in Worthington to create our own candles. It was so much fun! First we got to smell all of their candles to decide which scents we really liked. Then it was time to get to to work!

We had to wait about 90 minutes for our candles to cool enough to take home, so we went and had lunch at La Chatalaine French Bakery and Bistro. It was a really lovely little cafe! We got to enjoy our meals by a warm fireplace while we watched the rain outside. We enjoyed a very leisurely lunch and then walked over to Peace, Love, and Little Donuts to get a treat to take home to the kids. It is easily in my top 3 donut shops in Columbus, so it was wonderful that our date was so close!

I would definitely go back and pour more candles at The Candle Lab – they made it very easy and we are pleased with our finished products. Can’t wait to try them out while we are stuck inside because of the frigid temperatures tomorrow!