And So It Begins – January 2022 Goals

The beginning of the year always feels so exciting. A fresh new start – like a field of new snow without footprints where we can blaze a new trail. Endless possibilities. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And also completely terrifying! How do I know I am choosing to focus on the “right” things? What if I choose the wrong goals and I don’t meet them? It can be almost crippling.

This year, I had the privilege of working through a goal setting course by Becca Davis. It was so great because it made me look back before looking forward. I had to process what I thought and felt about last year before looking ahead to the future. It was such a simple thing, but honestly, not something I had ever thought to do before. It really made a BIG difference in how I looked at setting goals for this year. Seriously, I would 100% recommend the course if you are interested in making goals that will actually get you to the life you want to be living. You can see a sneak peek of the course materials below.

I also joined an awesome social selling membership that will include a lot of training and support this year, and I have enjoyed the goal setting things we have done over there, too. An Outschool Facebook group I am a part of is also doing some awesome trainings and reading some great books this year. I am seriously so excited for all the possibilities.

So, what does this all mean for the Blog? It means there will be a monthly goal post where I tell you the goals I have for the coming month and also recap how the previous month went. Being that this is the first goal setting post, I obviously won’t have anything to recap. I can tell you that I met exactly 1 of the many, many goals I tried to make last January. So, there’s nowhere to go but up this year. 🙂

For January 2022 (wow – first time I’ve typed that. It’s so weird!), my goals are:

  • At least one: Adventure Date, Create Date, and Family Game Night.
  • Write a 1:1 Phonics class on Outschool.
  • Add 10 new products to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
  • Create 6 blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins.
  • Make dinner 4 times a week.
  • Go on 4 hikes.
  • Walk at least 3 times a week.
  • Log food and workouts on My Fitness Pal.
  • Record videos for Crafty Phonics – Letter R Club flex class.
  • Use my planner as a journal every morning and evening – I love my Rocketbook Panda Planner!

Do you make goals? Do you do it by year? Quarter? Month? What are you working towards this month? Let’s cheer each other on – if you plan it, you can achieve it! Let’s go! 🙂

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