May 2022 Goals

I know that it is the middle of May – May 18th to be exact. I still think it is important that I review my goals from April and put my goals for May out into the universe, so here we are. May hit me like a truck. We started with tech week and a very big adjustment for our cast and crew – one of our male leads was removed from the show and replaced with another actor on Monday of tech week. This meant we were scrambling to make sure he had the costumes he needed, as well as putting finishing touches to the rest of the costumes from the show. Throw in a broken zipper that needed replaced, finishing some custom-made pieces, and replacing a couple of shattered buttons and you had a recipe for crazy. Opening night and the second performance were wonderful, and we were looking forward to the rest of the show weekend.

Saturday morning, we got the news that the last 2 shows were being postponed, then we got the news that it was COVID related. My daughter tested and ended up as one of the positives – we never would have known because her case was very minor, thank goodness. The show has been rescheduled and we are gearing up for a successful conclusion this weekend. Everything seemed to be going smoothly again!

Then, Monday, I was hit with a horribly sore throat and no voice. That began my quarantine period which I spent mostly sleeping and watching a little bit of YouTube – I find bullet journaling and bento box videos really calming to watch. What was supposed to be a busy but wonderful week that included a visit from my parents, a theatre showcase, Prom, and a choir concert was suddenly very open. I did watch a few trainings. I drove my daughter to her mani/pedi and brow waxing appointments. I did her prom hair, but did not get to go to pictures. It was a very disappointing week.

This week, however, has started off really well. I do not have my voice or energy fully back, but I am out of quarantine (still masking) and able to work. I am attending a few fun things, including a networking event tonight and Wicked tomorrow night, and I am looking very forward to being a costume mom again on Friday.

Looking at my goals for April, I am actually really pleasantly surprised that I accomplished more than I thought. Here is my list and my review:

  • At least one: Adventure Date, Create Date, and Family Game Night – we did an Adventure and a Create date, but no Family Game Night. It was a really busy month.
  • Use SEO to edit current Outschool classes and update listings for summer- I have not looked into SEO, but I did update my listings for summer.
  • Add 10 new products to my TpT store – this should bring me to 50 – I made it to 50 products at the last possible second. But I did it!!
  • Create 6 blog posts, 25 Instagram posts, 25 Facebook posts, and 30 Pinterest pins – My stats were: 3 blog posts, 18 Instagram posts, 16 Facebook posts, and no Pinterest pins. I have a bunch of products and classes I need to get up on Pinterest.
  • Update TpT Play-Doh products to Modeling Dough products and work on Previews – I did not work on this at all.
  • Write 3 new Outschool classes including one escape room type class and finish summer schedule – I finished my summer schedule, but I did not write any new classes.
  • Make dinner 3 times a week – I did not do this – my average was probably 1.5x a week.
  • Walk 3 times a week – I actually did 9 walks in April, so that is over 2 per week.
  • Go on 6 hikes – I went on 3 hikes in April.
  • Log food and workouts in My Fitness Pal – I did not do this at all.

I felt that I hadn’t done well with goals, so I am pleasantly surprised to be sitting at about a 6 out of 10 this month. While I always want to hit my goals completely, I also always set bigger goals than I think I can complete. It’s the best way to push myself to accomplish more.

As we head into summer, I am trying to leave time in my schedule (and goals) to rest and relax. I am still pretty fatigued, so I am taking that into account for this month. Also, there are less than 2 weeks left in May, so I am going to try to set some smaller goals here and see how it goes.

  • Add 10 products to my TpT store.
  • Write 1 flex class and 1 escape room style class for Outschool.
  • Make 5 blog posts, 15 Instagram posts, 15 Facebook posts, and 20 Pinterest pins.
  • Update Play-Doh listings on TpT to reflect copyright laws.
  • An Adventure Date, Create Date, and Family Game Night.
  • Pay quarterly estimates.
  • Reserve tours and tickets for while we are in Seattle in July.
  • Make dinner at home 12 times.
  • Walk 4 times (energy depending).
  • Hike 2 times (energy depending).

Looking at this list, the thing I can see myself struggling with the most is making 12 dinners – any quick and easy recipes you can recommend? I have a few we haven’t had for a while, but I feel like I am in a rut as far as coming up with fun things to eat. If only we didn’t have to have dinner every. single. night…. Lol!

I hope you have a wonderful May – or what is left of it. Let me know below what goals you are working on this month so we can cheer each other on. 🙂