October Adventure Date

So, after we completed our deck, we were still in need of an Adventure Date. What better way to celebrate our success than to go to Top Golf?!? Keith had been a couple times since it is right by his office, but this was my first time. We ended up there on a half off Tuesday night, so that was even better! Here are some photos of the set up for Top Golf.

Keith and I ended up playing the Top Golf game, which gives you points for whatever target you hit. In a super surprising twist, I beat him in 2 of the three games! This is proof that no matter how little skill you have, you can have a great time at Top Golf!

Here are some action photos – the bays are heated, so even though it was chilly, we didn’t need to wear our coats while playing. It was nice and cozy.

In addition to the golfing games, we got to enjoy fantastic food and drinks! Veggies with hummus, sliders, flatbread pizza, and wonderful sangria. It is not cheap, but it is really yummy and perfect for a special treat. Obligatory food photos below.

Overall, we had a really great time and I would definitely go again. I would highly recommend this date to anyone that can swing a club. I think we will take the kids next time. 🙂

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