November Create Date

This month, Keith and I got to go to Idea Foundry for their Ornament Turning Date Night. We did not use the lathes at the Valentine Date Night we attended at Idea Foundry in February, so this was a totally new creative experience for us. I feel like we need to try new experiences each month to finish out this year and meet the Create Date parameters. 🙂 We arrived for our class about 10 minutes early, and I really loved the “Grow” sign in the lobby. We got to fill sign in, make name tags, pick out the block for our collaborative ornament, and then we waited for the first demonstration and starting instructions.

It was decided that I would make the first ornament, so here are some action shots of my ornament from start to finish.

Keith was second to make his ornament. Here are his action shots.

We then got to collaborate on a more intricate ornament. We each worked on a half and got to use a couple of new tools. I think it turned out really pretty!

Keith and I both really enjoyed the process of wood-turning these ornaments, although we did both have moments of frustration as we got used to using the tools. They are definitely beginner level work, but I think they show great potential. With practice, I think we could both really find the process meditative and relaxing. I look forward to putting them on the tree and telling everyone that visits that we made them! What a fun story!

Do you have ornaments with a great origin story? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

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