November Adventure Date

So, my car decided to break the day before Thanksgiving. We had it towed to our garage, but they couldn’t even look at it until the following Monday. So, our plans to do an escape room as a family this weekend were changed to be a little more economical. Did you know that there is a huge light display called Wonderlights Christmas In Ohio in Hebron, Ohio at the National Trail Raceway? It is $7 per person for the first 4 people and then there are different charges for different capacities of vehicles. We figured $14 to be in our warm, dry car and drive through an adventure sounded like a great deal. 🙂 So, armed with Starbucks beverages and our Christmas spirit, we headed out to check it out.

While you can see most of the lights from National Road before you even turn into the Raceway, we found there are still a lot of surprises! There are arrows and lights to guide you through the display, and lots of figures along the trail.

Our favorite parts were the drive thru tunnels of lights, though. There were so many! It was great!

We enjoyed most of the music, although we were quite surprised to hear “Proud to be an American” in the rotation. Some songs we knew, and a decent amount that we did not. We never heard a song repeat, and we kept the station on for a quite a ways back towards Pickerington on 70. We did pause for a selfie before we headed back to town. Only one adventure to go!! What do you think our final adventure for 2019 should be? Let us know in the comments!

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