December 2022 Goals

Is it just me, or was November a downhill slide? I never quite got my feet under me, so I did not even get to set goals for the month. I did make it through a lot of additional volunteer obligations, but I seriously feel like I have been just surviving for the past couple of months. I never even recapped my goals for October, so let’s see what the damage was there before we start with December as our clean slate. Here is the good, the bad, and I’m pretty sure the very ugly.

  • Figure out photography and previews for 10 TpT products – I still didn’t do this.
  • Add 10 new TpT products – I did not do any TpT the past 2 months.
  • Create an Outschool and Allschool schedule that feels doable – I did create a good Outschool schedule, and tried to add in some Allschool without any enrollments.
  • Finish organizing our front room – I did this!
  • Hang blinds in my office – I did not do this.
  • Figure out classroom set up for live sewing classes – I did not do this.
  • Make 4 blog posts, 20 Instagram posts, 20 Facebook posts, and 20 Pinterest pins – I know I made 3 blog posts, but I don’t think I did much with any other social media.
  • Make dinner 10 times – I got into a really good pattern here. I am proud to say I did do this.
  • Hike 6 times – I hiked 3 times in October and I did not hike in November at all.
  • Do 6 strength training workouts – I did not do this.

So, to recap, I earned a 3.5/10 over the course of 2 months. This is better than the 3 that I gave myself for September, but in 2 months I would have hoped to accomplish more. There were family and volunteer things that kept me from getting everything I would like to done, but I definitely still had time I did not use towards my goals. I feel a deeply tired, whether from my businesses or from the rest of my life. So, I am going to claim that Fall 2022 was a season of rest in my business and growth in other areas of my life. I have continued to have at least one sale each month in my TpT store, and I am still teaching many loyal students on Outschool, so that has allowed me to coast for now. I would like to think that I can start to pick up the pace a bit, but I know that this month is going to be hectic with the holidays. So, my goals will be:

  • Add previews to my Time, Winter, and Arctic products.
  • Market my January classes on Instagram and Facebook groups to fill my classes.
  • Add 20 Pinterest pins.
  • Figure out sewing machine logistics in my classroom and list a sewing class.
  • Make 4 blog posts.
  • Hang blinds and plates in my office.
  • Send Christmas cards to friends and family.
  • Make dinner 12 times.
  • Hike 4 times – visit 4 winter hike series parks.
  • Do my 20 hours of continuing education for my SLP licensure.

I feel like this is a really good mix of personal and business goals, and it should set me up for success in the coming year. I also got really specific with some of these goals in the hopes that they won’t seem as overwhelming to me. I am looking forward to seeing if this plan will bring me more success with my goals this month.

What are your goals for December? Let me know in the comments so we can cheer each other on! 🙂

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